GSAN Overview


GSAN (Global Satellite Access Network) is an operator-agnostic, global network of high-throughput satellites and high-capacity, secure, interconnected teleports enabled by state-of-the-art, high-performance antennas that outperform anything in their class.

In stark contrast to the traditional process of purchasing internet on a global scale, purchasing service on GSAN is refreshingly simple and straight-forward.

With GSAN, the world is divided into regions and continents. Internet service is sold in megabit-per-second increments (Mbps). Customers indicate how many Mbps they require for both download and upload, and the combined Mbps is multiplied by the price per Mbps for that region. This fixed monthly cost provides financial simplicity and certainty.

Global Coverage

GSAN is the first product to offer truly global internet from a single provider. Gone are the complications, engineering and logistics of figuring out how to obtain internet in various regions of the world. If you need service in a specific local area or across an entire continent for both land and maritime deployments, GSAN makes it easy and fast.

Terrestrial Infrastructure

Switch has an extensive world-wide terrestrial infrastructure supporting the GSAN portfolio of services. Switch’s GSAN partners operate multiple teleports in the United States and Europe, and have partnered with third-party teleport operators to provide services in other regions of the world. Each of the teleports is connected to one or more of the fiber PoPs (which are strategically located near or within major carrier and video inter-exchange points).

The PoPs and teleports are interconnected with a fiber network designed for maximum reliability with route redundancy. To ensure that communications are secure, reliable, and efficient, GSAN provides 24 x 7 network monitoring to ensure optimization of traffic flow. The teleports offer uplink and downlink facilities, collocation, and cross-connect services.

Each facility includes climate controls and conditioned power with UPS generators for power-outage protection.

Information Security

Network security is an integral part of the GSAN architecture. The network was designed from the beginning by following industry-best practices from both engineering and operational perspectives. The GSAN network operates using strict guidelines for user access (AAA), configuration management and change control.

Security is enhanced by an out-of-band management network, and the proactive approach engineers take to mitigate vulnerabilities in operating systems of switches, routers, and other core network components. GSAN includes best-of-breed security technology to protect critical systems from internal and external threats. GSAN technical support engineers have a set of tools available to help customers troubleshoot security incidents of any nature, including Denial of Service attacks.

An additional security component is the placement of IP firewalls in specific internet-facing segments to facilitate secure access of applications (monitoring, testing, ftp, etc.). Encryption protocols like SSH and IPSEC are widely used in the network. Every teleport is equipped with end-to-end redundant IP equipment that includes production switches, backbone routers, and high-speed links to GSAN PoPs in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Partner With Us

Wholesale pricing is available for all GSAN Networks (Contended, Private & Wholesale) and hardware, including the Scout line-up of flat-panel antennas. Please submit a Wholesale Partner Application to begin the process of becoming a GSAN Wholesale Partner.

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